Update 1/1/2018: Happy New Year! Updates coming soon on my regular events and services in Cincinnati, USA.

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You’ve arrived at the home of my offerings; Tea Ceremony, Yoga Massage, & Sound Healing. These unique practices are gifts I have found along my own journey. Each, at its essence, is a unique way of coming home to your own vibration.

We are each on a unique journey to wholesome healing and finding out/living out who we really are. I deeply feel that part of my path is to share what has come to me… to offer accessible experiences in a genuine way, so that you may readily absorb whatever benefits and meaning you find uniquely for yourself. I’m passionate about creating an environment which encourages you to come home to yourself, in whatever way you need in this moment.

These experiences may well be but one piece of your own journey. All the same, what I share is very dear to me, and comes from my heart. My intent is to steward these gifts, with integrity and sincerity, in a way that allows you to best take in whatever benefits they hold for YOU.

My offerings, location, and availability fluctuate throughout time.

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About Max

Max PortraitSquare sml.jpegMax Raphael is a seeker and a sharer. His ongoing journey with healing and spiritual practices has taken him across the world.

In India, Max became certified in a unique style of massage called Ayurvedic Yoga Massage; in Nepal, he discovered the practice of Tibetan singing bowl sound healing—and found his own set of bowls, which he can’t travel without.

Max has also lived in Taiwan as a resident student at a tea and Zen center, practicing the Way of Tea. He shares a sacred tea ceremony he learned there, offering participants a way to harmonize with themselves, others, and nature.

An audio engineer and educator in his former life, Max has been sharing his current work in Southeast Asia and, when at home, in Cincinnati and elsewhere the United States.


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