Letter To My Soul

 * this was just something I’d jotted down in response to a prompt during a meditation course this week ~ but my classmates encouraged me to post it (actually, to publish it, but I’m not making books now)
Here goes: a letter to the soul, the light behind our personality, whose knowing knows us through and through, and knows God; whose being is truth, whose nature is unconditional love. *

To my Soul,

Thank You for being such a kind, gentle, patient one. Your soft presence has made the edge of life also more soft. A quiet purity in You has always been there, shining even during difficult or distracting times ~ and You’ve exhibited an infinite patience, as life slowly would unfold to teach more lessons; show more truth. At each step, You’ve been understanding, patient, kind ~ and steadfast. Loyal to yourself, You’ve alway been as You are, where You are, even when everything’s been dark. Indeed, even in the moments when love’s seemed lost, I would feel Your love present ever so strongly and surely, protecting and supporting me in ways I just simply was not aware of yet. 

Your curiosity, spirit of adventure, pure love, compassion for all, gentle touch, genuine action, and endless depth of wisdom are all elements which have carried me through this journey ~ no doubt! I can’t forget Your playfulness, also teaching me great wisdom—and Your element of courage, bringing strength that would carry me through moments when my mind or body were truly at their limits. 

Thankful for Your light, Your love, Your nature that’s carried me along. 


Endless love,



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