Sharing Our Tea Presence

15578064_10102922014412098_2040017453700813667_o.jpgIchi go ichi e!

This collection of souls in this particular space will likely never happen again, and has never happened ’til now.
Yet we will once again enjoy tea, first emptying our bowl, rinsing away all preconceptions, baggage, misunderstanding and understanding both. Waking up to this—and only this—moment; the space that contains the water, fire, and breath of this ceremony, which is pure peace. We enjoy this tea, which leads us to enjoy this moment. And that leads us to enjoying our presence, as ourselves and as a collective whole.
In the end, it’s not at all about ‘the tea’. It’s about where the tea invites us to reside, which is before thought, beyond words, all love.

Thank you for sharing tea-presence with me.


(A reflection on tonight’s evening tea ceremony in the special home of a good dear friend.)



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