Debut Singing Bowl Recording Available Now

purnama cover_smI am overjoyed to announce the completion of my first ever recording of singing bowls, entitled Purnama: Singing Bowl Meditation. It is currently available on Bandcamp for streaming and high-quality download. Check it out embedded  below!

Purnama means ‘full moon’ in different Sanskrit-based languages. The title track is a rendition of a sequence of playing which came to me one summer night in 2016, as I sat on the grass under the full moon in Bali. I was alone in my “hermitage” (photo’d in the album cover), drinking tea and taking in the pervasive sounds of the insects in the surrounding trees. Before me were the singing bowls, cast in a luminous, bright blue, electric with the full moon reflection.

In this magic and stillness, my heart-mind was flooded with images of the faces of dozens of people I love. I was moved to record a passage of the bowls and share it with these loves, as a way to share with them the fullness of the evening. What flowed was this enchanting sequence of ever-rising tones, which will forever evoke that unmistakable blue light back into my mind’s eye.

My sound journey continued and months later, I found myself back in America, with more and more opportunities to share these singing bowls with others. This crescendoed into a new aspiration, to share this magic with not just those I know well, but with anyone and everyone, throughout time and space.

When I began this album I set the intention that when you listen, may be guided back to your own peaceful center, for magic, stillness, and reflection.

IMG_0026Thank you to Group Effort Studios for your recording help; to my dear friend, mentor, and crystal bowl player, Ron Esposito, for your encouragement, guidance, and inspiration during this project; to the Music Resource Center Cincinnati, for offering your facilities for extra editing and recording.

And thank you to everyone who has listened, before, now, and forever!

Big Love,



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