30 Years: A Year (and some change) In Review

Thirty years…

As I sit and type this, my yellow turmeric-stained fingertips fly across a black keyboard like a blur of glowing, inflammatory bees. I’m sipping on turmeric, ginger and lemon tea at Clear Conscious Movement studio, where I’ve been spending most of my time now, offering massage, sound healing, and tea ceremonies.  This moment isn’t what I could’ve imagined some months, years ago, and it’s all good.

It’s a funny thing, “being 30” for me. Lately, both adults and kids alike have been guessing me to be ten or so years younger.
And that’s only been ramping up as time goes on… (Maybe something is making me younger?)

Turning 30 marks the end of my 20’s. (Oh, really Max?) While it doesn’t feel like quite the end to the current chapter of my life, it does feel significant to be back in my hometown—the place where I started this Earthly journey—after being around the world for the past few years. In different parts of Asia, I’d been soaking up different experiences, teachings, and blessings… from other people, Mother Earth, Spirit, and my own loving Self. The seeking, shedding, and exploring that marked my later 20’s don’t seem like they will ever change within me. I do, however, feel myself beholding life with more perspective, gratitude, and purpose with each passing month.


Currently, I am back home. I’m not here “for good”—but I’ve now been here 6 months longer than I originally thought I would. Only good things have kept me here, and so this birthday is at the least an excuse to reflect on the gratitude not only for this one special life, body, personality and lifepath… but to open my heart to ALL that IS in this current moment.

My time in Cincinnati, Ohio has been one of tasting and sharing the fruits of my practices and explorations for the past few years. I’ve been offering more of my work to more people here than I ever imagined I would be. And I’m as inspired to grow as much as I am grateful for where I am. This year, I look forward to more learning, exploration, and refinement of my own personal practices and my offerings to you an All.

With every step I take, I can’t help but feel grateful for the ground beneath me, the sky above; the shoes that protect me, the air around me, the light of all the shining faces I get to look upon so often.

Thank you, Mother…

Thank you to everyone for being in my life. Thank you for being my life.


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