Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Sessions

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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) is a unique style of massage combining deep tissue massage with yoga-based stretching. Sessions are given on a mat on the floor, using natural oils & Ayurvedic powder. Through synchronized breath, the receiver releases into passive stretches that target key areas of the body. This is a complete and highly-customized treatment for the whole body!

  • No two sessions are the same—stretches are chosen based on your body’s needs.
  • Over multiple sessions, many benefits may be realized—including reduced muscle tension, improved posture, flexibility, breath capacity, energy levels and mood.
  • Sessions can be enhanced with singing bowl relaxation both before & after massage,
  • Please note: AYM sessions are engaging and thorough. The massage is whole-body, and may include manipulations for the shoulders, back, hips, legs, etc. Inform ahead if you have any chronic health issues or questions.
  • Offered to both men and women; no yoga experience necessary!

🕘 35, 60, 90 minute massage sessions offered, as well as massage coupled with singing bowl relaxation.

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Before your visit:
• It’s advisable to eat only a light meal, 1.5 hours or more before the massage.
• Upon arriving, allot 10 minutes before the session to get settled in and discuss any physical issues or requests for your massage. (This will not subtract from your session time!)
• Clothing: Sessions are full-body, oil-based relaxation massages. Maximum clothing is underwear on the bottom. You will be covered at all times by two sheets for warmth and comfort. For women: extra sashes are provided and used as your top during seated stretches and other movements.

Questions? Contact Me for more details.

aym_mysore2016-5703-smlI received my Level 5 Diploma Therapist certificate from The Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in Mysore, India. My teacher, Ananta Sylvain Girard, was one of the foremost students of and personal assistant to the founder of the technique, Master Kusum Modak.

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