Purnama: Singing Bowl Meditation

My debut recording, Purnama…

Dear One,
I welcome you here as I sit on the grass, bathing in the pure light of the Full Moon… I drift in the healing currents of singing bowls while sipping some tea, reflecting in its deep dark liquor the Full Moon light, and the remembrance of You.

Full, also, is the connection I feel to Spirit; the connection between You and I. Sitting under the Moon, I reflect on Her true Light—the one She but passes along—and know it to be the sunlight that nurtures Me-Us…

… the Light seems to come and go, like a busy flame that flickers You and I into existence, dancing to the rhythm of Moon and Sun, weaving our separate moments together. Tonight, though, all before me is motionless and still, cast in a single hue.

This Full Moon, I reflect on the one Light illuminating us all.

Love and Light!


released April 19, 2017

All instruments played live by Max Raphael: Tibetan Singing Bowls, Ting-Sha, Chimes

Recorded / Mixed by Dan Murphy at Group Effort Sound Studio
Track 7 Recorded by Max Raphael
Mastered by Max Raphael

Cover design by Max Raphael