Sacred Tea Ceremonies

The gentle, feminine energy of Tea invites us to become still, turn inward, and harmonize with our true nature. In a sacred, loving space, come to know Tea as ‘She’ was known thousands of years ago; as plant spirit medicine.

2015-7_bowlwater-210A bowl of tea centers us in the heart. Drinking tea in silence, we effortlessly tune in with its gentle harmony. In this space, we may find deeper connection with ourselves, with others, and nature. The tea ceremony can be one of divine alchemy, bringing together the 5 elements—as well as people!—through a ritual that feels both sacred and accessible at the same time. The experience is simple yet profound; the feeling both ancient and alive. 

Sessions can last 1hr 15m or up to 2½ hours. They can be charged with specific intention(s) or themes—or enjoyed simply as a way for us to come to the heart and share stillness, where we can “drink in nature” while drinking in ourselves.
Gathering for tea can be a meaningful experience for couples, loved ones, or as a way to invite harmony, tranquility, and meaning to any occasion.

The ceremony I offer was transmitted to me through a tea tradition which I became a part of when I traveled to Taiwan. The hub of this tradition is the Tea Sage Hut, a Tea & Zen center in Taiwan, where I lived and served as a resident student for over a year and a half.

From my time in Taiwan, I came to experience a side of tea I never thought existed, and since then my life has not been the same. My journey through tea has only just begun, however. There’s a Chinese saying, loosely, that “one can spend a lifetime studying, and not begin to know the names of all the teas!” It’s humbling to know how much there is to learn about Tea—and for me, it’s even more humbling to know how much Tea has to teach me about myself.

I feel that Tea has a message for each of us that stumbles upon Her. I believe that simply tuning in to hear that message is a healing experience for anyone who tries.

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