Massage Sessions at White Lotus hOMe Yoga Retreat at Hope Springs Institute

On Saturday, May 12th, 2017, Max Raphael will be offering 35-Minute Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Sessions to guests attending the White Lotus hOMe Yoga Retreat at Hope Springs Institute! This is a relaxing & rejuvenating bodywork session you can enjoy fully clothed! It’s a nice introduction to Max’s full-length Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Sessions.

How to book: Click Here or the button below and follow the link for “35-Minute Yoga Massages“—and choose your slot! You will receive an e-mail notification confirming your booking.

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Slots are booked first come first serve! Payment ($40) accepted directly after your session. Cash, check, or credit card are accepted.


Reinvigorate yourself in this shortened, clothes-on version of Max’s full Ayurvedic Yoga Massage sessions. Dry massage techniques are performed along with the signature AYM stretches—passive, yoga-based stretches coordinated with your breath. These movements, performed with safe alignment, promote improved posture, circulation, breath capacity, and flexibility.

Ends with a neck and face massage.

A great way to tune up the body and relax the mind!

  • Sessions are performed on a comfortable floor mat for freedom and flow.
  • Come at least 5 minutes before your slot time to ensure all appointment begin on time!
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows for unrestricted movement of your arms/legs.
  • It’s ideal to come on an empty stomach (or light as possible!)

Click Here for more information about Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Sessions with Max.